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Do you have a vision of a mosaic for a residential, commercial, public or community space?

Do you need help with a public, commercial, or residential project?

Austin Mosaic Guild's professional artists and other members are available to guide you through the process of creating an original mosaic.

Mosaics are a unique, enduring art form that demands an investment by both client and artist. Our members take pride in partnerships that have included small mosaics to large-scale commissions from individuals, interior designers, and architects. We have also worked with organizations involved in public art and community programs.

How does the process work?

The creative process begins with discussing your imagery or general theme for the mosaic. Design options will be explored along with discussion about timelines, budget and deliverables during initial consultations. We will guide you on options for mosaic  materials and palette best suited to the project. The fabrication begins after the final design is approved. 

How can I find an artist?

We can help you find an AMG member matched to your mosaic! Tell us about your project and send your contact details to us Here.

You can also visit our Photo Albums pages to find artists or ideas.